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Gathering ideas from nature, from music, from my surroundings and from my memories is what my designs are all about. I love warm and cozy, but will sneak in a few cutesy, bright and sometimes geeky designs here and there (because that is a pretty fair description of myself). One thing that distinguishes McCloud Designs is that I encourage my customers to use my designs as a natural reminder for their goals and aspirations. For each item in my shop, I offer a few ideas for goals based on the color of the design or the meaning of the gemstones used. I also love creating custom reminders.

I am from Omaha, Nebraska, have lived in New York City, Austin, Texas, Murfreesboro, Tennessee and currently live just across the Missouri River from Omaha in Council Bluffs. My best friend, Javier, is also the man I happened to marry (lucky me!). We met in College while both studying music. I studied voice and Javier is a classical guitarist. Music is a root that has grown deep in the seed of our lives and I think it often comes through in my work. I sometimes sing to my designs to bring them to life.

**Side Note**
If you are wondering, McCloud is my middle name and also my Grandmother’s maiden name. Thanks for everything Grandma, I love you!

In this blog, I would like to ruminate on life, laughter, tears, nature, inspiration, friendship, goals, music, reminders, crafts and fun tools.  You’ll also find a few posts about my Etsy shop, my jewelry and where I find inspiration.  From time to time, I will also introduce you to new friends that I’ve found through Etsy and their handcrafted goods.


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