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Small joys among great struggles

Sometimes we find that struggles bring us some good things after a time.

Today, and the past few days, I’ve been sick in bed, so I thought it a good time to take a look back at previous posts.  This picture was used in a post about my eldest nephew.  Before him, my husband, Javier, and I knew that children were in our plans, but always thought about it as in the future.  His birth was so life changing that right away the idea of children was thrown into the present and we were ready!



That was almost 3 years ago now and life has led down a path that we never expected.  We started trying to conceive right away after he was born and have had the great pleasure to be pregnant 5 times since then…  five pregnancies in under 2 years.  Every one of those babies gave us great joy during the short time that they were here.  And then they were gone.

When you don’t know why you have an issue with recurrent miscarriages, you do everything you can possibly do to clean up all areas of your life, trying to eliminate any possible causes of the devastating tragedy of losing babies.

One of the things I started to do was to live a more natural lifestyle.  I never really thought of myself as “unnatural”, but some of the natural changes have given me some small joys among the struggle. Despite not being able to fix the primary, recurrent pregnancy loss issue, these natural substitutes in my life have each made  me feel better, in their own small way.  I plan on sharing several of these ideas with you here.  In the next few weeks/months, I will write about my diy cleaner, dry shampoo and deodorant and perhaps will pick up a few more to share.  Along the way, you’ll probably hear more about my struggles and how all of this has changed me.  I hope you’ll join me.  Please sign up with your email or follow me on bloglovin’.

What small joys have you found amid great struggles in your life?



Ficus feelings

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This might be an odd post to start back with, but I figured I should start somewhere.

I’ve heard people say that plants embody your emotions.  They show, physically, how you feel emotionally.  If that is true, my ficus really gets it.  This is pretty much what I feel like after having 4 miscarriages in just over a year.  The last one just  a month ago, yesterday.

FicusToday happens to be a fairly good day.  I’m still holding onto a little high from Sunday, when I sang in my first choral concert in almost a decade.  I really missed singing.  I’ve actually gotten some things accomplished as well, which is more than I can say for most of 2014.  I took this cute picture of my little Lacey with my new dslr camera:

Lacey Lou


I got my first new listing up on Etsy since early December.  I used to get a new listing up almost everyday or at least one a week, but motivation has simply waned.  I am also cooking some chickpeas and getting the laundry done today, but this statement from this pin is how I feel most of the time…

Sorry to be a downer, but when you are at the bottom you have to start from somewhere and I figure sharing my struggles is the first step to leaving the emotional cave I’ve gone into.

I know there are many who have gone through similar situations.  Please feel to share any stories in the comments.