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DIY – Itty Bitty Tea Bags for your Tea Party

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DIY – Itty Bitty Tea Bags for your Tea Party

One of my good friends says I’m a tinkerer… so from time to time, I’ll share a project that I’ve done with you.  This one was actually a gift for the same friend’s daughter who just turned two.  Starting from a very early age, she liked to pour things, water, juice… etc.  So even before she turned two, she was playing with a tea set that her mother got for her.   For her second birthday, I knew her mother didn’t want a slew of toys for her.  For the most part, besides a recent Frozen obsession, she is really good about just playing with whatever is around.  She draws on old packing tape rolls to make bracelets, she bangs wooden spoons for drumsticks, and is just a fun and creative little kiddo! For this reason, I wanted to give her just a little something.  We also don’t have tons of money in the birthday budget now, so this a great gift that I hope she’ll play with for a long time… that I made all with stuff I had around the house! I used

  • a few scraps of fabric (no more than a 5×5 inch square)
  • a couple cuts of thin crochet thread
  • sewing thread
  • fray check
  • bits, yes, just bits of stuffing from a cheesburger dog toy that my little Lacey shredded

Yes!  That’s it!  Here is what I made. IMG_1148 Itty Bitty Tea Bags IMG_1147 IMG_1146

These Itty Bitty Tea Bags turned out so cute and I really think they will be a staple in Tea Party’s at my friend’s house for years to come.  I can’t wait to be invited for tea! What have you made lately with things you had in the house?