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Feel Good Naturals Laundry Soap

Do you love laundry?  Yeah… me neither.

I’m ready to start enjoying my laundry though because I’ve found Feel Good Naturals.  

I met Lindsey, the owner of the shop, and a fellow Omaha Metro Maker, because she worked with my brother.  She has now “quit her day job” and is running her shop full time.  She was kind enough to walk me through the super simple process of turning her natural laundry soap bar into a liquid soap that works in all machines, including high efficiency machines, like the one in my apartment.

Here are some photos of the process.  These are strictly process shots and don’t include photos of the fantastic time we had.  Normally this process is really quick, but we turned it into an all evening event including chinese food, fawning over her new felted soaps and dreaming of homemade paper with flecks of silk.  Any other crafty geeks out there?

Here are the laundry soap bars before we started the 5 easy steps.




Feel Good Naturals Laundry soap

Aren’t they pretty?

Our first real step was to gather everything together.  Here is what you’ll need.

  • laundry soap bars purchased from Feel Good Naturals Etsy Shop
  • water (32 oz or more for a 4 oz. bar, we did 8 oz., so we used 64 ounces of water, got it?)
  • container to hold the amount of water you are using (perhaps an old laundry detergent container)
  • food processor or cheese grater
  • pot that holds the amount of water you need
  • funnel


Now that we have everything together, here we go!

Step 1 (Prior to step one I hope you took a chance to admire the beauty of these laundry soap bars.)

Grate your laundry soap bar with a food processor or a cheese grater.








Step 2 (Wasn’t step one easy and fun?)

Heat up water in a deep pan on the stovetop. Use 32oz. or more of water for each 4oz. bar and it is best if you use the container that you are going to store the liquid soap in.  That way you know for sure that you won’t overfill it.

Add water

Step 3 (Is it step three already?)

When the water is near boiling remove the pan from the heat or turn it to a very low setting.

Step 4 (Hold up!  There were no pictures of step three because it was so easy?  Yep, that’s right!)

Add the shredded soap to the water and stir.

IMG_1333 IMG_1334 Add soap to water and stir

IMG_1337 IMG_1338 IMG_1339 IMG_1340 Add water and stir

You can see that within just a few minutes, the shredded soap bar has completely dissolved into the water. If only I could take a picture of how good this process smells…

Step 5

Allow your liquid to cool and then transfer the soap into your container using a funnel.  This is a good time to have a glass of wine, play with your children or pets, buy more laundry soap from the Feel Good Natural Etsy Shop or watch an episode of Downton Abbey.

That’s it!

I’ve liquified some of the soap that Lindsey and I shredded, but when I shred the next bar on my own, I’ll post some pictures of me completing the process by myself.  Everything is easy when someone is teaching you how to do it, but I imagine this will be easy with help or not!

Lindsey is curing some new laundry soap bars right now, so they will be available in her shop very soon.  In the meantime, follow her on Facebook and try some of her handmade soaps!

Get ready for some clean, soft clothing!


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