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Crafty Leftovers Continued

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“It is common sense to take a method and try it. If it fails, admit it frankly and try another. But above all, try something.”

~ Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

There are always many uses for things.  I use things all the time to replace expensive alternatives. Keeping around a few of these gems saves me time and money.   Plus, re-purposing things helps me build my creativity muscle.  Just take a look at this necklace that I made out of a curtain tie.

Repurposed Necklace

Did you miss last weeks post on Crafty Leftovers?  You can see it here.  This week, I have a few other items that I repurpose at my workbench.

This is a weekly pill container, with a separate compartment for each day. It is one of the free ones that I can't help accepting at conferences, job fairs and other places with tables and information. It is a perfect little bead holder, especially for travelling.

I keep all sorts of pens, markers and pencils lying around for many reasons beyond writing. I use them to form metal. I use them to texture clay. I make little rhythms with them. When I can't find my clay roller, they work nicely to roll a flat surface.

The original purpose of this item is to measure spaghetti into serving sizes. No, I did not purchase this either. It came with a magazine subscription and since I pretty much eyeball my spaghetti intake, I had to come up with another use for this. It's not very original, but it makes a perfect template for circle drawing, cutting, etc.

These little doodads I found on the inside of a huge old TV that I accidentally broke... oops. I recycled most of the other parts, but these little guys were just so cute I decided to keep them. I haven't found their perfect use yet, but I'm sure it is there. I'm thinking of using them in a design as part of a pendant. Another thought I had is that they would make nice little clamps for some round project that may be in my future. Any ideas? Please share!

And now I’m m heading back to work!  Have a great week and if you come along any great ideas for repurposing or reusing random stuff, let me know.


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  1. Love these ideas! I have some of that floral foam, too and I never thought of using it for earings, thanks for the tip;)

  2. I love the repurposed pill holder idea! 🙂


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