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Crafty Leftovers

I come from a family of mostly clutter-free people but with hoarding tendencies.  I really do get rid of things and my house is fairly free of clutter, but I always have a drawer or two that is filled with things that I just knew I would use someday… and I was right.

I find that the handiest tools in my workshop are those random things that I just had lying around the house.  I’ll share a few with you this week and some next week.

This is an old piece of floral styrofoam. I received it as part of a gift when I graduated from highschool 14 years ago. I couldn't get myself to throw it away, so I've moved it to 5 different states and I finally have a purpose for it. I mainly use it to hold post earrings that I've put a glaze on. It holds them perfectly while they dry.

What in the world is that? It is an old broken rolling-pin that I inherited from my Grandpa. Yes, it was broken when I got it. He apparently thought it was a useful tool to keep around and now I understand why. It works perfect for forming large hole beads. I use it to wrap wire. I use it as a drumstick when I'm bored. I'm sure my Grandpa would be happy that it is being put to good use.

Another inherited tool from my Grandpa. I have no idea where this piece of coil came from, but I am so thankful for it. As needed, I cut it into smaller pieces. It holds beads onto beading wire perfectly and keeps me from losing beads. I've actually seen almost the same thing sold in stores and thought about buying them, but couldn't quite justify the cost. Now I don't need to.

I make little felt pouches for each one of my creations. As you can imagine, there is leftover felt all the time. I often use the felt to polish polymer clay to a shine after I have sanded it down. I also used the scraps to create the padding in this adorable little pin cushion made with, you guessed it... a leftover jelly jar. The jelly jar belonged to my grandmother who recently moved into a smaller place and cleaned out her kitchen cupboards. Not only does it house pins, it also holds all the felt scraps.

What unexpected leftovers do you use for your crafting?

Join me next week for more crafty leftovers.


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  1. I have used scraps of thread, felt and other fabric to stuff some home-made felt animals. It’s also nice to have scraps around to “practice” a new technique when you’re not *quite* sure you know what you’re doing!

  2. Denise...aka Erin's mom

    I use the inner tube (straw-like thingy) from empty bottles of pump hand lotion for turning small tubes of farbric or small fingers on cloth dolls. They are sturdier than drinking straws and cheaper than the brass tubes that are sold for the same purpose. Just rinse them in hot water first to remove left over lotion.

    • I’m glad you stopped by Denise. That is a brilliant idea. I bet there are lots of things you could do with that part on an old lotion bottle. I might just start saving them… Just in case. See, there is the hoarder coming out again.


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