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Busy Day!

Boy do I love a Busy day, but it doesn’t leave me with much time for eloquent writing.  So I’ll just share a few of the things I am keeping myself busy with.

I’m boiling down the leftovers of a roasted chicken into stock for Brown Basmati Rice and Chicken Soup.

I watered the plants.  Which, while watering I found something fun.  My Christmas Cactus (the same one from the Christmas Cactus Countdown just a few months ago) has for some reason decided to bloom again in February.  Maybe it is turning in an All Holiday Cactus. 

I made, packaged and shipped some orders.

I made the bed.

I read some of my book club book, “Life is So Good“.  I cried several times while reading.

I took pictures of some of my new brooches.  I hope to have at least one of them listed in my Etsy Shop today.  Here is a quick peek at them:

Now, I’m back to work.

What are you keeping yourself busy with today?


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