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Life Lessons Learned from a Year in Business, Part Four

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Failure is nature’s plan to prepare you for great responsibilities. ~Napolean Hill

Rejoice in Failure.

This little plant I thought was all but lost. It tried and tried. You can see its huge failure right in the middle, but all around it are growing new little successes.

Since opening business I have a new outlook on the word failure.  Failing really does mean that I am trying.  I’ve found that if I don’t work on something very hard, it doesn’t really register as a failure or a success.  It just is.  When I work hard, I feel the failures and successes.

I decided a while ago that because of this, I would celebrate my failures. Really I was celebrating how hard I worked on something, no matter the outcome.  For example, I had my first local show for my Handcrafted Jewelry business in September 2011.  My dad and I spent weeks building beautiful displays for my jewelry (table saw emergency room incident and all…yikes).  I made a ridiculous amount of inventory.  I invested in a tablet and accessories that allowed me to easily accept credit cards and email receipts.  I posted flyers, told everyone I know, tweeted, facebooked and fried my brain in social media oil. I already keep my inventory very organized, but there was so much extra work to prepare for the show.  I had a practice table setup in my apartment for at least a week before the show to make sure that everything was just right… and…

The show was a flop.  I didn’t even recover my booth fee.  I cried and cried and cried.  Then my husband and I went out to dinner to celebrate my failure.  It still hurt, of course, but I have moved on, gained wisdom and am continuing to work hard.  That is what matters.  Many failures have been interspersed with my success stories over this year in business and I hope for many more of both along my journey.

When I began working with this batch of clay, I intended to make something else entirely. I can't even remember now what it was, but I know that I failed at creating whatever it was. I did succeed in making this adorable acorn pendant though. It is now one of my all-time favorites.

Do you celebrate your failures?  What failures have changed your life in a good way?  Share them in a comment below.

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  1. I don’t even know how to tell you how wonderful this is!

  2. I love you! I guess I haven’t even thought about how I deal with failure in a long while…yummy food for thought!
    Celebrate failure- what a great mantra.

    Thank you darling, Sarah

  3. Such a great post! I have not had any specific failures with my Etsy shop that I can point to, but the whole thing is not doing as well as I would like. Love the quote.


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