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Happy New Year: It’s Okay to Amend Your Resolution

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Happy New Year!

“Character is the ability to carry out a good resolution long after the excitement of the moment has passed.” ~ Cavett Robert


I’ve been contemplating years where I actually stuck with my resolution for the whole year.  The one that comes directly to mind is my resolution in 2009 to wear my seatbelt all the time.  I am horrible about this.  Luckily this year we bought a car that beeps, incessantly, at me if I forget… even when I am sitting in the passenger seat (how does it know?).  In 2009, however, I really did stick with that goal.  Sure I needed a few reminders, but I really was successful at wearing my seatbelt that year and am much better about it now.

I believe what helped me keep that resolution was that it was specific and easy to do.  Plus, I knew that it was something I wanted and needed.

This year I am resolved to not only choose one resolution but to begin to create some habits one month at a time.  So I resolve to choose a new resolution at the beginning of each month.

For the month of January, using what I learned about successful resolutions (that they must be specific, simple to implement and desirable), I will be keeping a food journal.  When deciding about my resolution I added that I will notate everything I eat and drink whether I have been good or bad into a food journal app (MyFitnessPal) on my tablet device which makes it really simple.  In the past, keeping a food journal has been really helpful for me so I know that I want to do it.  Also in the past, however, I would “conveniently” forget to write things down on days where I knew I would be unhappy about my choices.  This time instead of harping on myself when I overindulge, I will be happy that I still took the time to write it down so that I can learn about my eating habits.

Yesterday, for example, we had a party for my apartment community where everyone brought appetizers and desserts and punch.  Even though I know that these bite size treats add up, I still had more than I should.  For a moment when I came back from the party I thought about not writing it down, because I knew it would not be a pretty picture.  I wrote it down though and yes, I had eaten way too much, but seeing the negative calorie count actually gave me a feeling of success because I had learned from the experience.

I encourage you to take a look at your resolution and make sure that it is specific, simple and desirable.  It is also a good idea to have a natural reminder.  If you want some ideas on natural reminders that you can use, read an old post that I wrote here.

What are your resolutions?  Do you have any tips on keeping resolutions?


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  1. Your idea is great! And I love the seat belt story. Have a great day!!


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