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Keep Blooming, Christmas is Almost Here! Week 5

He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree.  ~Roy L. Smith

As Christmas draws near and preparations may be getting hectic for you and your family, I encourage you to take a moment and remember what Christmas ought to be.  It should be a time of peace and sharing, a time of love, a time of reflection, a time to revel in nature’s beauty, and a time to offer goodwill to all.  Over the last few weeks, I have enjoyed sharing a piece of my Christmas experience with you (and it’s not over yet).  Everyday that I see the miraculous blooms of my Christmas Cactus, I am reminded of the miraculous birthday that we celebrate during this special time of year.  I hope that it has been as meaningful for you.

Especially over this week, the cactus has been a reminder to me that even when it comes to an end, we can keep the Christmas Spirit throughout the year.  The next picture is all of the blooms that began last week and wilted and fell off the plant over the week.  As you’ll see from the few other pictures that follow, even though the biggest blooming time is over, we are still left with several big blooms and many buds that will probably last for quite a while.

Even though Christmas will come and go by quickly, we will be left with much to carry into the next year, just like my Christmas cactus after its big bloom is left with blooms and buds to last a little longer.  Even after the blooms have all come and gone, we are still left with a gorgeous plant to enjoy.

While Christmas is here, focus on the beauty of this time.  Spend time with your family, laugh, talk, hug, sing, snuggle, eat… and most of all love.

While this bloom is here, I'm going to focus on just how beautiful it is!


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  1. Amazing! Beautiful! Thank you for sharing these photos.


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