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Christmas Cactus Countdown – Week 3

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“Miracles seldom occur in the lives of those who do not consider them possible” – Neale Donald Walsch

Welcome to the third week of my Christmas Cactus Countdown.  This week ends with a funny little twist.  As I share my christmas miracles with you this season, I hope it reminds you to notice the miracles around you as well.  Please share your miracles with us in the comments.  If you are just joining me for the Christmas Cactus Countdown, visit here and here to see the progress over the last few weeks.

The buds are just about ready to burst.


Which one do you think is the largest bud?  One, two, or three… vote in the comments.

Large Buds - One

Large Buds - Two

Large Buds - Three

Remember last week the cactus had twins.  Well it has been really busy this week and now it has two sets of twins.

Here are the new twins:

Tiny New Twins

I am loving the colors that these buds exhibit:

Bright Reds, Magentas and Oranges, Oh My!

And Now for the TWIST:

Wait... that's not a Christmas Cactus?

It’s not a christmas cactus you say?  You are right, that is Mrs. Christmas Cactus’ windowsill neighbor, Mr. Crown of Thorns.  Mr. Crown of Thorns (I’m not sure why it is a he) was feeling a little jealous of Mrs. Christmas Cactus because of all the attention she was getting.  So… he decided to show off a little too.

Yep, that is a little bud near the bottom and there are four more throughout the plant.

If you’ve never seen a crown of thorns plant bloom, here is what it should look like soon:

This is Mr. Crown of Thorns just about two months ago. He can't seem to rememer when he is supposed to bloom. Do you see Mrs. Christmas Cactus hiding in the corner?

I won’t even attempt to show you what Miss African Violet is doing right now.  She shows off all the time.

I hope you are enjoying the Countdown to bloom time.  If you are, leave a message in the comments.  Tell us what your plants are doing, share a story, or a tradition that you keep every year.  Do you make gingerbread houses?  Do you have a great recipe for mulling spices?  Share away!

And now I leave you until next week with this picture that I took today.  I was driving on a random street here in Omaha, Ne and noticed how beautiful the tree-line was, so I whipped my camera out of my purse and snapped this right through the windshield.  (There were no people or other cars around, I promise!)

Another Miracle on a Random Street in Omaha, NE





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  1. You are lucky they are blooming! In my work experience with plants, which aren’t always in best growing conditions – they typically bloom at Thanksgiving and Easter. Good for you!

  2. Thanks Lisa, I think it helped that it was pretty warm until just recently. Mine does usually bloom a couple weeks before christmas though.

  3. Wow, The Christmas Cactus is beautiful and I am enjoying the countdown!
    There are many miracles in life but, the most obvious for me to be thankful for is our precious Sydney, who was delivered to us earlier this year. Having a child sure makes the season brighter! I love you and miss you, Sarah

  4. I can’t believe the bloom on the thorn plant – it’s beautiful.

    I also love the picture you took of the trees. I have come to love trees in the winter, it’s like having two different trees in one year, both of which have such character.


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