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Christmas Countdown!

This year, I hope to spread a little Christmas Cheer to you by sharing one of my favorite things over the next few weeks.  Join me for as long as it lasts!  I can’t really control exactly how long that will be and here’s why.  This is a countdown to beauty, a countdown to nature, a countdown to life, a countdown to miracles… It’s a Christmas Cactus Countdown!

Week One

This is my 4 year old christmas cactus who lived most of it’s life in Tennessee and is now back home with me and my husband in the Omaha Metro Area (Being from Nebraska, I still haven’t fully come to terms that we live on the Iowa side of the Missouri River, even though I love it here).  *Back to the Plant* – Every year it brings me such wonderful joy as its buds begin to show miraculously on cold and windy days.

Buds Galore!

Join me for the unveiling of miraculous beauty that this plant is embarking upon.  Why not buy your own Christmas Cactus and have your own countdown?  Well by all means do and post pictures in the comments, but as Christmas is about sharing, about family, about friends, about love, I hope you’ll spend some time with me this year.

Look at all those miracles!

I'm so excited I can hardly stand it!

Each week, starting today, I’ll post countdown pictures of my cactus so you can see how far it has come.  I hope that you enjoy the progress. Remember to subscribe so you don’t miss blooming day!  Also, please take a moment to share something in the comments about what makes Christmas special for you.  Is there a particular tradition that really brings your family together?  Is there a cookie recipe we shouldn’t be without?


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  1. I just thought I’d stop by to let you know how much I like your jewellery. Not surprised to see you excited about your Christmas Cactus after seeing your nature-inspired work. Mine are much farther behind, sadly.

    • Thanks Stevie. I’m glad that you like what you see. I happen to have the perfect light right now for the cactus, so I just couldn’t help but share. I’m sure yours will come soon. I hope you’ll share some pictures when it does. Thanks again.

  2. I have been around to see this beauty for a number of years – can’t wait to see it in full bloom!


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