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Sneak Peak Revealed

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A few weeks ago I posted a snap shot of a necklace in progress.  Today I am revealing it!  Introducing The Black on Black Sunburst Bib Necklace (The title is somewhat wordy.  If you have a better title suggestion, leave a comment.)

      Handformed from polymer clay and black glass beads, this black sunburst necklace makes a sophisticated statement.  I love the lights and shadows of black layered on black and this bib necklace is sure to light up the conversation.

     My favorite thing about this piece is that you really get three in one.  When you wear it at its shortest (approximately 19 inches, 48.26 cm), the extender fits as a bracelet (7.25 inches, 18.42 cm) with my new little cloud logo (as in mc “cloud” designs). The necklace with the extender attached measures just under 27 inches (66.7 cm).

     I handformed and hammered the clasp on both the necklace and the extender from sterling silver wire.

     The gorgeous spiked Sunburst pendant is 5 inches wide and 2.5 inches tall.

     This necklace and all of my handcrafted items arrive packaged in a coordinating, hand-sewn felt pouch.

I encourange linking one of your goals to your jewelry to serve as a natural reminder.  Here are a few ideas for this necklace:

  • Stand up for your beliefs.
  • Watch the sunset (or sunrise).
  • If things take a minute or less, don’t wait until later to do them.

Remember these are just suggestions.  Ultimately, You Choose.

This piece is available for purchase in my Etsy Shop.  Enjoy!


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  1. Hi… like the sneak peak…


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