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How to be the Best Mom to your Adult Children

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On a day when there is not any marketable reason to say so, I wanted to tell the world about  my wonderful mother (stop blushing, Mom!).  I can’t show a picture of her because she is too modest, so I’ll just scatter a few pictures that she would like throughout the post.

My African Violoet plant. My mother always has a beautiful flower garden.

I sometimes hear friends talking about things their parents do that make me thankful for the mother that I have.  Here is my list of things my mother does with my siblings and I that make her the best…   (I’ve probably left quite a bit out.)

*She does not bug us about having children.  She trusts us to decide when it is best.

*When she calls, she always acts like it is a big interruption in our life.  It never is, but she always says “sorry, this will be quick” and then it really is quick.

*She does not give us guilt trips.

*She helps us relive great experiences from our childhood… cozy christmastime, favorite birthday dinners, etc.

One of my favorite ornaments from my Mother's Christmas Tree.

*She does not play favorites.

*She lets us pay for things from time to time.  Not often, but sometimes.

*The above being said, she is a great example in money matters.

*My mother is so sneaky.  From time to time (so it remains unexpected) I will find hidden things after spending time with her…  a little note, a few groceries, a cute new shirt, coupons… it is always an adventure with her.

*She is positive and she listens.

*She expects us to be the best at whatever we do.

*She encourages us to live the life that WE dream.

*She taught us well when we were little and assumes that we can handle it from here.

*She leaves us wanting more… She offers advice only when asked and even then, sparingly.  I call my mother several times a day, because I am always craving her advice.

Leaves at Hitchcock Nature Center. This is just a picture I took that I think my Mom would like.

I Love you Mom!


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  1. Mandy what a special Mom you have, I am going to use your thoughts as inspiration for me.

  2. Thanks for your kind words Lanelle. She is really special.

    I’m fairly certain that you do a great job already ; )

  3. wow Mandy, that’s a great list! And a great example for all moms.

    I remember how much you talked about your sweet mom. I am so glad you get to live close to her now.

  4. Great post. Goals to strive for in my own parenting of my adult kids.


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