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Hello Life, I’m here!

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Photo taken while hiking at Palo Duro Canyon

First of all, welcome.  Second, woohoo!  The woohoo is in response to the fact that I’m doing what I love and finding love for myself by doing so.  For those of you who have taken a big leap for something you love, well done.  It takes guts.

What is it I’m doing?  I’m living.  Yes, I design and handcraft jewelry, I sell on Etsy and I love every minute of it.  I loved creating jewelry when I was doing it as a hobby though.  There was no doubt for me that I wanted to continue with that.  Taking the enormous leap of turning my hobby into a business has allowed me to see those other things in life that I want to truly enjoy.  I love reading.  I enjoy a good cup of coffee.  I delight in power tools.  I know that I want to hike and enjoy nature more often.  It is an ongoing process, but I am allowing myself to enjoy, guiltlessly, the things I love.   I am also aware of some things that I do not want in my life:  Drama, anger, stress, dirty dishes in the sink, etc.

The realization that I deserve to enjoy life came when I trusted myself enough to open for business.  I’m glad to be here, alive, and I’m sticking around!

What do you love?  Do you love yourself enough to allow yourself to enjoy life?


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  1. I love the way that you have followed your heart and TAKEN THE RISK. Our lives are so short! And we do so little living in the short time that we have! I hope I can be as brave as you!


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